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AWC Pam Smith.jpeg

pamela smith

co-founder & executive director


addie wyatt center for nonviolence training

The mission of the AWC is to engage and empower communities facing violence with the philosophy and methodology of Kingian Nonviolence, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s approach to nonviolent conflict reconciliation.

Ancestors - Dana.jpg




ancestors unknown

Introducing young people to their ancestors and untold histories, motivating them to achieve academic and personal success.



Katie hytros

executive director


future leaders of chicago

Future Leaders of Chicago (floChicago) was founded by a group of educators, professionals, and civic leaders committed to providing discrete moments of inspiration for Chicago's next generation of leaders to broaden their horizons and realize their full potential.


CAICC - Sarah.jpg

Sarah jimenez



chicago american indian community collaborative

CAICC seeks to maximize effectiveness by creating a forum for fostering mutual aide, political support, positive public recognition, strategic alliances, collaborations, and partnership among Urban Native Americans. 





contexture media network

Contexture Media Network is a global digital media communications firm focused on building economic equity for under-resourced communities within media, marketing, and creative technology fields.

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Nathan clancy

founder & executive director


faith & comedy chicago

Faith and Comedy Chicago exists to support comedians in their faith and in their comedy. 


katherine chuu.jpg

katherine chuu



friends of armour elementary

FOA is committed to building up the dreams and potential of the Armour School community by raising up funds to expand programming, staffing, and resources for the students and families Armour serves. 


BEATRIZ ponce de leon

Founder & executive director


Generation All

Generation All is a citywide initiative to unite Chicagoans in revitalizing neighborhood public high schools so all students experience high quality learning opportunities both in and outside the classroom with the support of the wider community.

brian hasteholz.png

Brian kastenholz



Global shapers chicago

A globally recognized group of young leaders empowered by the World Economic Forum to improve the lives of Chicagoans.




Cheryl Besenjak

Founder & Executive Director


growing healthy people

GHP is an Illinois not-for-profit organization born out of the desire to grow healthy food using sustainable methods, to provide educational opportunities on growing food while preserving our planet and to create jobs in local food production.

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Christina sempasa

founder & executive director


loan free student

Providing students the necessary tools to become debt free.


jenny change.jpg

jennifer chang

Founder & President


monster education foundation

Monster Education Foundation seeks, identifies, and supports young Agents of Change as they pursue higher education and making a lasting difference in their communities.


ra frye

founder & president


pride roc

Pride ROC's mission is to execute integrated trauma and healing Passages that rescue Urban Prisoners of War (UPOWs) from their existing environment and initiate them into evidence based remediation practices that will prepare them for holistic, collaborative aftercare services as they transform into contributing members of our communities. 

susan halko & carolyn wilbon

founding board members



Parent-led transportation services for students from the south side of Chicago to the Chicago High School for the Arts (ChiArts). They offer a specific route for the safety of their students.


jennifer blackman.jpg

jennifer blackman

education & development assistant


save the shrine

Save the Shrine's mission is to raise funds for the restoration of the historic Shrine of Christ Our King while finding ways to connect the city of Chicago.

2nd Front Bus.jpg




S.T.A.Y. (Southside transit association for Youths)

Parent-led transportation services for students from the south side of Chicago to the Chicago High School for the Arts (ChiArts). They offer two routes to choose from for the safety of their students.





the difference engine

The Difference Engine exists to transform people's lives by empowering those who do not have the typical background for entering tech to launch new careers in that field. We provide professional technical solutions to nonprofit and mission-based organizations to help carry out their purpose.

Cade Pinalto.jpg

cADE pinalto



sidelined usa

Sidelined USA is a non-profit organization that exists to reunite these permanently-sidelined athletes with their passions and inspire them to find a meaningful way forward through resources, connection, and mentorships.


andre russell

founder & ceo


the smith center for community advancement

SCCA is a nonprofit organization that serves the South Side of Chicago. We believe strong families are the cornerstone of strong and thriving communities. We seek to elevate family stability, improve academic success, counteract harmful behaviors, and strengthen community pride and involvement.


erin thompson

Executive Director


the s word project

The S Word Project exists to get teens around the world talking about relationships and sex in a supportive environment while developing critical thinking and communications skills that will set them up to win in life. 


bernard "Coach bernie" headley

Founder & Executive director


360 sports academy

360 Sports Academy exists to promote overall excellence in girls' volleyball and strives to build confidence in our athletes, both on and off the court. Girls will develop elite volleyball skills, in addition to leadership, teamwork, discipline, and time management that apply now and throughout their lives. 


gabriel piemonte

founder & Executive director


woodlawn peace center

Woodlawn Peace Center is a six-week summer program that teaches local students the basics of journalism, research, and videography.



jULIA pedersen & greg van hyfte




YogaCare catalyzes the spread of yoga in under-resourced communities to promote health. 

We accomplish this by providing customized yoga programs at partner organizations, professional development for community focused yoga teachers, and scholarships for YogaCare students to become teachers.


Some of the ideas, organizations started, managed, and grown through Goodcity.