Our Impact

Our Values

Our Model

For over 30 years, Goodcity has been committed to identifying, supporting, and growing entrepreneurs who are making a difference in under-resourced and overlooked communities in the Chicago area.

Central to our thinking is the belief that the best leaders for transforming our city are innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs in our local community. These are the people who live, breathe, work, and play in the many neighborhoods that make up Chicago. They know the issues because they engage with them on a daily basis through their own lives and the lives of their neighbors. These are leaders whose ideas too often are left untapped, undiscovered, and overlooked.

This is where Goodcity steps in.

We empower local leaders to solve local and global problems by helping them incubate their ideas, grow their organizations, and connect with other leaders with the same passions. It is a rigorous and time-tested process but, when these ideas come alive and these entrepreneurs succeed, the impact is felt throughout Chicago.

Click here for some of the key organizations we've helped launch, grow, and scale since our inception. 

The core values that guide the work we do everyday:

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Our model:

In order for economic and social impact to be achieved in a community:

  • We look for purposeful individuals and ideas with a demonstrated history of high values of hope, motivation, and teachability
  • and...surround them with our Management, Investment, and Community Services.  Management (Advisory and Back Office), Investment (Charitable Grants and Impact Investments, Social Capital Investments, and Human Capital Investments), Community (Learning Cohorts, Networking, and Accountability).


Million Dollars Raised

Since 2010, Goodcity social impact entrepreneurs have raised over $135 million dollars in both charitable donations and impact investments



Years Serving communities

For over 30 years, Goodcity has been dedicated to the transformation of Chicago's neighborhoods by providing much needed support



Organizations launched

Since 2010, Goodcity has helped launch 252 social impact organizations missioned with effecting real, sustainable change in Chicago


Our partners & funders during the last 30+ years: