november 2017

Our looking-glass world tries to teach us to accept reality, not change it; to forget the past, not learn from it; to accept the future, not change it. Instead of impotence, amnesia, and resignation, Giving Tuesday, even if realtively incidental in its impact, encourages us to imagine and to continue to work for a more just world.

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april 2017

We just really believe there are some good ideas in places outside of downtown Chicago, that just because you didn't graduate from Stanford or Harvard or University of Chicago doesn't mean you don't want to make a difference in your community.

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September 2016

We've found that the innovators that are going to solve the most pressing problems in our neighborhoods are actually living in the very communities themselves.

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august 2014

There's a new incubator in town, and it aims to help social entrepreneurs grow sustainable businesses.

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