Our Programs


Start an Organization

(Charitable or For-Profit) 

Through our Launch Program, individuals and companies are able to implement new programs, start new organizations, and test new ideas in a cost effective way under Goodcity's organizational management.


fiscal sponsorship

Our Fiscal Sponsorship service offers nonprofit entrepreneurs Goodcity's 501(c)3 status while also providing them Accounting and Bookkeeping services, which means you focus on the important stuff.  The Fiscal Sponsorship service is ideal for nonprofit organizations between $0 to $3 million dollars in annual revenue.

Start the process of launching your nonprofit today.

For Profit Start up

Our for-profit start up services (called social enterprises) provide entrepreneurs legal status, accounting and bookkeeping services to launch a for-profit enterprise providing both social and economic impact.  This service is ideal for for-profit enterprises between $0 to $3 million dollars in annual revenue.

Keys to a Sustainable Social Enterprise 

COACHING & Consulting

Free Coaching Hours are offered bi-monthly to all clients wanting more hands-on assistance with financial planning and organizational strategy.  Additional consulting in Strategic Planning, Fundraising, Communications, Leadership Development, & Development are also offered at a discounted rate.

Process of Social Incubation for our clients

events & training

All clients will receive exclusive discounted access to Goodcity events & training to further capacity development for you and your organization.

big idea simulator (EVENT)

Bringing ideas to life, entrepreneurs will be guided through a one-day intensive workshop where they will learn how to create a successful plan of action.

future of funding (EVENT)

Goodcity President, Jimmy Lee, will be walking entrepreneurs through a funding strategy session where they will learn how to better communicate with their donor base. 

co-labs (EVENT)

Co-Labs are a four part series of labs where Goodcity will bring in experts to share about Fundraising, Strategic Planning, Finance/Budget, and Management.

lunch n learns (EVENT)

Every other month, Goodcity partners with experts in the city to host Lunch N Learns for the community to discuss best practices and strategies for entrepreneurs in Chicago. 



Back Office Management includes shared Accounting and Bookkeeping services, Human Resources, and Social Media Management which frees you up to focus on spreading your mission and vision. 

Interim Management

Interim Management provides a short term executive (CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CAO) for your organization during times of transition.  (6 to 12 months) 

Fund Management 

Our team manages charitable funds for organizations and communities.  


You will also have access to additional consulting and business services.  We help organizations created strategic plans, communication plans, and funding models.


Goodcity offers its' clients top-notch back office services that allow entrepreneurs and leaders to focus on growing their organization while we take care of the day-to-day office work.



Goodcity offers its entrepreneurs "investment" and charitable grant opportunities to launch and grow their idea and organization.

Idea Grants 

After the Big Idea Simulator, attendees can submit a grant application and two-minute video pitch for an opportunity to be awarded a grant ranging from $250-$2500 to put their ideas into action. 

challenge grants (INVESTMENT)

Established entrepreneurs can partake in the Challenge Grant series where they sign up for unique challenges providing matching grant opportunities of $2500 to $10,000.